English Speaking Practice





The course is 840 minutes(14 x 60 minutes).You will be given a list of topics to choose from before you begin practicing with a native speaker.

Follow these steps to get started:

1. Book a trial lesson and get confirmation within 24 hours.

2. After the trial lesson and testing, we agree on a schedule.

3. Pay for the course.


Possible discussion topics suitable for intermediate level:

1. Technology and Society:
– How has technology influenced our daily lives?
– Are smartphones making us more or less connected?
– What are the benefits and drawbacks of social media?
– Should schools incorporate more technology into the classroom?

2. Education:
– What changes would you make to the education system?
– Is traditional classroom learning still relevant in the digital age?
– Is it necessary to go to college to succeed in life?
– What are the advantages and disadvantages of online learning?

3. Environment and Sustainability:
– How can individuals contribute to protecting the environment?
– Should governments prioritize economic growth or environmental conservation?
– What are the consequences of climate change and how can we address them?
– Should there be stricter regulations on single-use plastics?

4. Relationships and Social Issues:
– How has the definition of family changed over the years?
– What are the benefits and challenges of living in a multicultural society?
– Is it important to maintain face-to-face relationships in the digital age?
– Should gender roles be redefined in society?

5. Arts and Culture:
– How does art impact society?
– Is traditional art more valuable than modern art?
– What are the pros and cons of globalization on culture?
– How has technology influenced the music industry?

6. Health and Wellness:
– What are the benefits of regular exercise and a healthy diet?
– Should governments regulate the consumption of sugary drinks and junk food?
– Is mental health given enough importance in society?
– How can we find a balance between work and personal life?

7. Ethics and Morality:
– Is it ever justifiable to break the law?
– What are the ethical implications of advancements in medical technology?
– Is capital punishment an effective deterrent?
– Should animals have the same rights as humans?

8. Travel and Exploration:
– What are the benefits of traveling to different countries?
– Is it important to preserve cultural heritage and historical sites?
– How has tourism impacted the environment in popular destinations?
– Should people be encouraged to travel sustainably?

9. Work and Career:
– What are the key factors to consider when choosing a career?
– Is work-life balance achievable in today’s society?
– Should companies prioritize profit or employee well-being?
– How can individuals prepare for the changing job market?

10. Media and Entertainment:
– How does the media influence public opinion?
– Is reality TV a positive or negative influence on society?
– What are the pros and cons of binge-watching TV series?
– Should there be stricter regulations on violent or explicit content in media?

Remember, these topics serve as starting points for engaging discussions. You are encouraged to express your opinions, provide reasons and examples, and engage in respectful debates.