Practice Speaking English Online

Practice Speaking English Online

 We offer online lessons which give you relevant speaking practice for any situation. Boost your vocabulary and confidence to socialize with any native speaker. Learning English has never been easier. Book a lesson now and practice speaking English online! 

Spend 60 minutes answering the most common interview questions in English. If you’re not sure how to speak English at an interview, you will find this lesson helpful. 

60 minutes of IELTS speaking practice and instruction. The lesson covers parts 1,2 and 3. If you need to test your IELTS speaking skills, this is the lesson for you.

60 minutes of TOEFL speaking practice and instruction. The lesson covers parts 1 to 6. Practice with a native speaker and learn what it takes to pass the TOEFL exam. 

60 minutes of speaking practice and guidance on how to construct business concessions and offers. Depending on your level of English, this lesson aims to role play at least 2 or 3 negotiations. 

Are you preparing for a presentation in English? Does your presentation need proof listening. This lesson is focused on correcting your mistakes and ensuring that you communicate as clearly as possible. 

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We use audio conferencing!

We’re a team of native speakers specialized in helping you speak English without fear. Audio conferencing allows you to practice speaking English anywhere. You can learn English in bed, in your car, during lunch or even while walking your dog. This approach has proven to be very effective because the flexibility makes the student feel more relaxed. Like talking to a friend!




" Hi! If you pick a business lesson, you'll probably practice with me. I love politics, business and gadgets. So don't be surprised if our conversation becomes to philosophical"



"Hey there! I love discussing all things positive. I'm keen on comedy, movies and the environment. We'll definitely meet in the general topic section"



"I can basically talk about anything. Let's have a chat sometime"