Practice Speaking English Online

Practice Speaking English Online

 Learning English has never been easier. Book a lesson now and practice speaking English online! 

14 essential lessons of IELTS speaking practice and instruction. The lesson covers parts 1,2 and 3. If you’re not sure you can pass the IELTS speaking test, then this course is for you.

14 useful lessons of TOEFL speaking practice and instruction. The lesson covers parts 1 to 6. Practice with a native speaker and learn what it takes to pass the TOEFL exam. 

3 lessons answering the most common interview questions. The aim of the course is to test your speaking, help you speak clearly and confidently in  your field of expertise.

Do you need to level up your English? This online course is designed to help you make that step. A four-month course covering all the core skills; speaking, listening, reading, writing & grammar.

Discuss 14 topics of your choice. All you have to do is book a class, take an online test to determine your level and you’ll be given an English teacher for lessons over Skype or  Zoom.