IELTS speaking practice





The course is 840 minutes(14 x 60 minutes). It’s an intensive course, so classes will be between 3 to 5 times week. The aim is to discuss as many IELTS topics as possible. Most of the questions will focus on parts 2 and 3 of the IELTS exam.

Prerequisites: English level B1+  Take the test!

Follow these steps to get started:

1. Book a trial lesson and get confirmation within 24 hours.

2. After the trial lesson and testing, we agree on a schedule.

3. Pay for the course.


Course Program: IELTS Speaking Intensive Course

Day 1: Introduction and Diagnostic Test

  • Introduce the course and its objectives
  • Conduct a diagnostic test to assess students’ current speaking skills and identify areas of improvement

Day 2: Part 1 – Familiar Topics

  • Overview of IELTS Speaking Part 1
  • Practice answering questions on familiar topics
  • Provide feedback and strategies for improving fluency and coherence

Day 3: Part 2 – Cue Card Task

  • Explain the structure and requirements of IELTS Speaking Part 2
  • Practice delivering a prepared speech on a given topic within the time limit
  • Offer feedback on content, vocabulary, and pronunciation

Day 4: Part 2 – Follow-up Discussion

  • Review the follow-up discussion component of IELTS Speaking Part 2
  • Engage in interactive discussions based on the cue card topics
  • Focus on developing the ability to express opinions and provide relevant examples

Day 5: Part 3 – Extended Discussion

  • Discuss the characteristics of IELTS Speaking Part 3
  • Analyze sample questions and model answers
  • Engage in extended discussions on various topics, emphasizing critical thinking and elaboration

Day 6: Vocabulary Enhancement

  • Introduce and practice vocabulary related to common IELTS topics
  • Provide strategies for expanding vocabulary and using it effectively during the speaking test
  • Conduct vocabulary-building activities and exercises

Day 7: Pronunciation and Intonation

  • Focus on improving pronunciation and intonation skills
  • Identify common pronunciation errors and practice correct pronunciation
  • Develop awareness of stress, rhythm, and intonation patterns in spoken English

Day 8: Fluency and Coherence

  • Discuss techniques for enhancing fluency and coherence in speaking
  • Engage in timed speaking activities to improve response time and organization of ideas
  • Offer tips on linking ideas and using cohesive devices effectively

Day 9: Error Correction

  • Analyze common grammatical and lexical errors in speaking
  • Practice error correction exercises and drills
  • Provide individualized feedback and guidance for error improvement

Day 10: Mock Speaking Test (Part 1)

  • Conduct a mock IELTS Speaking test, focusing on Part 1
  • Assess students’ performance and provide detailed feedback
  • Discuss strategies for maximizing scores in this section

Day 11: Mock Speaking Test (Part 2)

  • Conduct a mock IELTS Speaking test, focusing on Part 2
  • Evaluate students’ performance and offer constructive feedback
  • Highlight key areas for improvement and practice

Day 12: Mock Speaking Test (Part 3)

  • Conduct a mock IELTS Speaking test, focusing on Part 3
  • Evaluate students’ performance and provide targeted feedback
  • Address any remaining concerns or challenges related to this section

Day 13: Speaking Practice and Review

  • Engage in intensive speaking practice sessions
  • Review specific areas of weakness and provide additional guidance
  • Offer personalized tips and strategies for test day preparation

Day 14: Final Mock Test and Course Evaluation

  • Conduct a comprehensive mock IELTS Speaking test
  • Assess students’ overall progress and improvement
  • Provide a final evaluation and discuss individualized recommendations for further development

Note: Course will be adapted to the students needs and progress. Throughout the course, there will be ongoing assessment and feedback, as well as opportunities for students to ask questions and seek clarification. The focus will be on building confidence, improving speaking skills, and preparing students to perform their best in the IELTS Speaking test.