Prepare for a job interview





The course is 180 minutes(3 x 60 minutes). We understand how intimidating interviews can be so it’s never a bad idea to take time to prepare for a job interview with a native speaker. The aim of the course is to boost your confidence, test your speaking and prepare you for the most difficult interview questions.


Follow these steps to get started:

1. Book a trial lesson and get confirmation within 24 hours.

2. After the trial lesson and testing, we agree on a schedule.

3. Pay for the course. 


Job Interview Intensive Course

Lesson 1: Introduction and Building Confidence

Objective: Build confidence and improve speaking skills for job interviews in the field of expertise.

Warm-up Activity:

  • Greeting and establishing rapport.
  • Engaging in casual conversation to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Discussion and Analysis:

  • Identify the field of expertise and common job interview types.
  • Discuss the importance of clear and confident communication during interviews.
  • Identify specific areas of concern or challenges.

Common Interview Questions:

  • Introduce a list of common interview questions in the field of expertise.
  • Discuss effective strategies for answering each question.
  • Provide sample responses and encourage practicing aloud.

Role-Playing and Feedback:

  • Engage in role-playing exercises as the interviewee.
  • Conduct mock interviews using the common questions.
  • Provide constructive feedback on communication skills, body language, and overall performance.
  • Encourage reflection on strengths and areas for improvement.


Lesson 2: Mastering the Art of Clear Communication

Objective: Enhance clarity and fluency in speaking during job interviews.

Review and Reflection:

  • Recap the previous lesson and discuss progress and challenges.
  • Encourage personal reflections on speaking skills.

Pronunciation and Enunciation:

  • Focus on improving pronunciation, stress, and intonation relevant to the field.
  • Practice words, phrases, and industry jargon used in interviews.
  • Provide exercises and drills for refining pronunciation.

Vocabulary and Expressions:

  • Introduce industry-specific vocabulary and expressions.
  • Discuss appropriate usage during interviews.
  • Engage in interactive activities to reinforce understanding and application.

Fluency and Cohesion:

  • Explore techniques to improve fluency and coherence in spoken English.
  • Practice transitional words, linking phrases, and discourse markers.
  • Conduct speaking activities and discussions for smooth and coherent speech.


Lesson 3: Advanced Interview Strategies and Mock Interviews

Objective: Apply advanced interview strategies and simulate realistic interview scenarios.

Review and Goal Setting:

  • Review progress since the start of the course.
  • Set specific goals for the final lesson.

Advanced Interview Techniques:

  • Introduce advanced interview strategies specific to the field.
  • Discuss techniques for handling challenging or unexpected questions.
  • Share tips for effectively showcasing unique skills and experiences.

Mock Interviews and Feedback:

  • Conduct realistic mock interviews with a variety of questions.
  • Evaluate performance and provide detailed feedback.
  • Discuss areas of improvement and provide guidance.

Final Practice and Wrap-up:

  • Engage in a final round of practice interviews to consolidate learning.
  • Encourage the application of learned skills and strategies.
  • Provide a summary of key takeaways and additional resources for ongoing improvement.