Learning English Idioms

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Leaning English idioms is fun. Idioms are a set of words which have a special meaning together. Sometimes they are called colloquial expressions. Let’s look at four examples.

  1. ‘A couch potato’– If you come home from school and you see your brother sitting there on the couch and, you know, he’s been there for three days watching TV, eating junk food, and you know he hasn’t done a whole lot, you’re going to call him a “couch potato”. So, a couch potato, it’s somebody who doesn’t do a whole lot, they sit around on the couch, they watch TV, they watch movies, play video games, maybe eat junk food, they generally don’t do a whole lot at all.
  2. ‘Hit the sack’– It’s to go to bed. So maybe your friend calls you, says he had a long day and he’s really tired and he tells you that he wants to hit the sack. It refers to the body falling onto the bed, which is the sack.
  3. ‘Up for grabs’-Let’s say that there’s a competition, and you can win something, like a holiday for two for example. That means that this prize is available to be won, meaning it’s up for grabs.
  4. ‘To be hooked on something’– To be addicted to something. This means is that you’re so obsessed with something that you just can’t stop doing it. So, for example, you might be hooked on reading a book, or watching a tv show, or eating something that you love.



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