Lesson Plan 5 of 6

Lesson 4.2 – Comparatives

Small Talk

  1. What were you doing an hour ago?
  2. What were you doing this time yesterday?
  3. Where you doing housework or homework?
  1. What’s your favourite board game?
  2. When did you last play a board game?
  3. Did you enjoy the game?

Listening & Speaking

Conversation that!

  1. What was the challenge?
  2. What was the biggest prize?
  3. What were the worse prizes
  4. What did mum do wrong?
  5. What did she order at McDonalds?
  6. How much was her order?
  7. What did her burger have?
  8. What is Gucci?
  9. What did Morgan buy?
  10. Can you compare the two prizes they won?