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Kids English 1

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Lesson Plan 2 of 5

Lesson 1.1 – There is… There are…

Listening & Speaking

Watch this video and repeat every phrase.

We use there is when the noun is singular (“There is a car”).

 We use there are when the noun is plural (“There are two cars”)

In the classroom

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Reading and Comprehension – Classroom

There are five children in the classroom. The teacher is at the table. There is an apple in her hand. There are books on the teacher’s table. A girl has an orange balloon. There is a map on the wall. A boy is writing numbers on the board. Three people have glasses. There are three chairs and four tables in the classroom. One girl is dancing. And one girl is eating an apple.

Conversation time!

  1. How many children are there?
  2. What’s on the teacher’s table?
  3. What’s the boy writing on the board?
  4. What’s in the teacher’s hand?
  5. What’s on the wall?
  6. How many chairs and tables are there?

  1. There…
  2. There…
  3. The boy…
  4. There…
  5. There…
  6. There…

Listening & Speaking

Keywords: ruler, rubber, train, pen, pencil, things, school things, can, have.

Conversation time!

1. Look and find school things.
2. What does Billy have?
3. Does Billy have a train?
4. What school things do you have?