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Prepositions of Place 1

What is a preposition of place?

A preposition of place is a preposition used to describe the location of something or someone. The three most common prepositions of place are ‘in‘, ‘on‘, and ‘at‘. Yes, they sound easy now but they will become a little tricky when we use them in phrasal verbs. Here are their basic meanings that you should never forget:

  1. In– Is used to describe an enclosed area. e.g ‘Am in the house, watching tv!’
  2. On– Is used to describe a surface(the top of something). e.g ‘Am on the house, fixing the roof!’
  3. At– Is used to describe a certain area. e.g ‘Am at the house, looking rats!’ This means inside or outside the house.

You are about to describe a living room. These are the prepositions you need to use:

Behind = Positioned at someone or something’s back. e.g. ‘Your calves are behind your legs’.

Above = Positioned at a higher position. e.g. On the map, Mexico is above the Equator.

Between = Positioned in the space separating two points or objects. e.g. Your nose is between your eyes.

Inside = Positioned in the inner part of something. e.g. There’s a seed inside a mango.

Below = Positioned at a lower position. e.g. You mouth is below your nose.

Opposite = Positioned on the other side. Usually face to face. e.g. In a match, boxers stand opposite each other.

To the left = Positioned to the left of something or someone. ‘to’ means move your eyes to the left.

On the left = Positioned on the left. ‘on’ means there is a left part. Look there.